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The technology giant forbids access to social casinos and real money games unless you’re 17

by Poker King|September 3/2019|views: 198

A recent announcement by Apple officially stated the 17+ age restrictions to apps that provide or simulate gambling across the App Store. The new 17+ category prohibits downloads or purchases of such apps by underage users. Role-playing games (RPG), although including gambling-alike mini games, will not be affected due to the “Intense/Frequent qualified”.

Apps such as Zynga Poker will get affected, along with the overwhelming amount of cluttered free-to-play/play-money slot games.


This is the third major decision made by the tech giant within the past few months. With that, it is easy to say Apple is on the verge of war with gambling. First came along the prohibition of using embedded HTM5 code for real-money purposes that include online gambling. Then followed their statement that Apple Card is forbidden of being used as a payment method for any form of online gambling.

Gambling is not entirely being banned on the AppStore, however it will inevitably affect the industry. Experts believe this series of moves aim to maintain a clean and family-friendly public image. This theory follows a simple pattern: teens and preteens are the biggest mobile device market, and it’s the parents who purchase devices for their children. The perception of safety might be a major selling point, in comparison to Google and Android’s open source concept.


Violence in video games is an often subject that comes up in conversations in the context of recent school shootings. There are multiple conflicting studies, most which do not suggest a correlation between real-life violence and violent themes in video games. That doesn’t however, states that violent video games can’t have any psychological effects at all. As a frame of reference, Apple overlooks the structural aspects of video games and the habits they elicit. 


There is a common belief that through studying how players interact with the game, studios use engagement and retention loops attempting to encourage compulsive behavior. This, however, doesn’t necessarily mean that players turn the onetime compulsion into a habit that has the tendency to cause harm.

Accepting underage players or players who reside in countries where gambling is prohibited is not only risky and a big concern, but a red flag about the online casino itself. advises users of the site, and registered players with the online casino, to immediately report such activities if they know of someone who is not allowed to play and violates the Terms & Conditions, stated on the site. Regulated gambling in its essence, although a billion-dollar industry, has a main purpose to entertain. Therefore we strongly advise you to review our philosophy on Responsible Gambling.