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The kid spend over $3,700 on his mom's credit card for Minecraft and Roblox extras

by Poker King|September 17/2019|views: 164

Whilst the public considers gaming an entertainment, an 8-year-old boy from Brighton has turned it into a nightmare for his mom. The boy spent over £3,000 ($3,700) buying Xbox add-ons over the course of three weeks. The bill was issued on his mom’s credit card.

The mother was not aware of her son’s gaming addiction and spending habits. When she discovered she has to pay £3,210 ($3,980), she decided she will put the Xbox for sale. 

Martine, a single mom, explained she gave her card details to her son – Leon, only once, to purchase a game costing about £4.99, and was not aware her card details will remain in the system. 

Leon made 19 purchases on August 16 and spent £978.81 ($1.215.15), and a few days later topped that up with another one, costing £199.99  ($248,29). All purchases were towards Minecraft and Roblox extras. The boy didn’t know that his mom’s card will be charged once he placed the initial purchase for both games.

Martine claims she saw the purchases once her credit card statement arrived. The mom-of-two shared concerns she’s already facing difficulties to put bread on the table, so her paying off that debt will cause harsh times for the family.

“He had understood that he was buying something, but didn’t understand the financial consequences. But now I’ve explained it to him and he realises what he did.”, said Martine after explaining the issue to her son Leon.

Martine claims her son wasn’t asked or forced to enter the card’s security code when placing the purchases, and when she contacted Microsoft, the company told her there was a standard 14-day window to claim refunds.

Martine couldn’t get her refund back because the purchases were placed three to four weeks ago. 

Microsoft has been approached, but no comment has been yet issued.