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How to Win the BBJ?
By Mr. Dealer
How to Win the BBJ?

What do you think, is poker a game of skills or the luck prevails after all?

Actually, some countries have officially recognized poker as a game of skill and therefore it is considered to be a sport there. The recognition of poker as a sport is due to the fact that this game does not simply depend on luck, on the contrary – you show your training and skills while playing it, just like in any other sport.

Still, there is a fare share of luck in poker, especially when we talk about the so called Bad Beat Jackpot. There is little you can do about it – sometimes a player can lose despite his excellent skills and, at first site, solid cards.

However rare it may be, but still sometimes you have an excellent hand and you put everything at stake. You go all-in being absolutely sure that no one on this planet can possibly snatch victory from you.

However, you were wrong! After you have placed your bet you see that the other player goes all-in as well and you are already having doubts about winning, although you are still almost certain about the invincibility of your hand. What happens next is all blurry in your mind – the RIVER is open and…you’ve lost.

Everything has gone to hell for you and you curse all when you suddenly realize that for some strange reason you have some mysterious several thousands of dollars on your account balance. And then you are brought back to reality, just like waking up after a bad dream – you were playing at a Bad Beat table! Hurraaay! It turns out life has been good to you. You’ve just won The Bad Beat Jackpot by losing that already worthless hand.

And we come to the point where we would like to introduce to you one of our great Bad Beat winners.
Read and learn from this, folks. This is another confirmation that if you are good at poker - you earn cash, and if you just got unlucky, then make sure it happened at a BBJ table.

Hello. Could you please first tell our readers what is your name, how old are you and where are you from?

Gio148: Hello. My name is Giorgi. I am 26 years old and I am from Tbilisi.

Please tell us how did you start playing poker, what brought you to this game and how did you start playing on PokerKing?

Gio148: I found out about PokerKing from a TV ad, registered about a year ago and started playing. I did not play very often and I couldn’t say I played rarely either, but I got lucky to win the Jackpot.

And had you played on other sites and offline before that?

Gio148: Yes, I had played on Georgian sites and with friends.

How often did you play at the BBJ tables and how did you get to that particular one?

Gio148: I took my place there randomly, I just couldn’t fall asleep and logged in to play a little bit and unexpectedly I got so lucky, it was a huge surprise.

How did you feel in that moment and now – so close to receiving your prize.

Gio148: I did not sleep at all that night, to be fair… it’s the first time I won anything and it is such a huge jackpot. Great joy, happiness, words cannot describe this, one has to feel it himself to be able to understand.

And do you play still play poker present day?

Gio148: Online I play only on PokerKing. Not every day but occasionally, I have a lot to do, you know how it is. After all I only play for fun, it is impossible to win the Jackot every week, so I just play in my spare time and enjoy myself.

If this is not a secret, could you please tell us what is the first thing you will do when you get the money?

Gio148: I will celebrate with my friends, that’s definitely the first thing to do. Maybe we’ll go to a restaurant, I will think about it.

Of course you have to think carefully…maybe you can give some piece of advice to our inexperienced players?

Gio148: I would like to say that from what I have seen PokerKing has the best software, by which I mean that the game is fair and you can win if you play solid cards. And my advice is that you need to play poker patiently. Poker is a very nice game, but you should not go too far as well, to be fair.

Well, sometimes it is even better when you lose, for example when you win the BBJ?

Gio148: Yes. No doubt.

And last question, maybe you want to wish something to the PokerKing team and all our players as well?

Gio148: I wish you success and as much BBJ winners as possible, so people are happy with your work, they win some cash and enjoy themselves while doing so. And as far as I am concerned - I like your program, everything is pretty and easy to understand. The site is handy and detailed.

Thank you, Giorgi. We also wish our players a lot of winnings in general and jackpots in particular.

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